Our Base

We have our own multi camera broadcasting studio, which is used for practical demonstrations and programme making. We also have a multi-purpose studio and a number of rooms for sound recording and editing .

Our Equipment

Our kit room has all the things needed for student films and we have multiple sets of equipment to allow multiple shoots to happen at once.

Black Magic 2.5k on location

Black Magic 2.5k on location

We have a full range of cameras for all different purposes and there is always a solution to creating different looks and styles. We have: Black Magic 2.5k Cinema Cameras, Black Magic Pockets, DSLRS, Sony HD XDCAM’s, go pro hero 3 mini cams.

During the course we bring in Arri Alexas and Red Epics with a wide array of lenses, tripods, dolly and tracks, jib arms, camera rigs with follow focuses and grip equipment.

New Leaf Filming Academy - Camera module

Using a ring light for a piece to camera

We have Arri 300s, 500s, 650s, 800s, 2k and led fresnels, soft lights, dedos, and various HMIs.

In addition we hold an array of lighting stands, c stands, polyboards, and French flags. With a full range of lighting gels and smoke machines to create any look your imagination can conjure.

SQN Sound Mixer

SQN Sound Mixer

Sound is very important so we make sure that productions are well provided for within our studios.

We have a selection of broadcast quality microphones, boom poles, portable mixers and a soundproofed dubbing room for ADR and foley recordings.


We’re based at the Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, a magnificent Grade II listed Victorian Gothic building on the edge of Wandsworth Common, South West London. The building is shared with artists and artisans, small businesses and private residents. It’s a unique community – there’s even a wine bar on site.

Studio 24-25, Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, John Archer Way, London SW18 3SX

 Royal Victoria Patriotic Building