Introduction to Lighting

Course Dates and Fees

Courses run monthly. Contact for dates.


A really hands on course giving you access to the current lighting equipment used in the industry at the moment.
You will come away with the practical skills to light in a variety of broadcast situations. Learn to light confidently while using a Sony Z1, Sony Z7 and Sony DSR 570.
(You will be provided with a useful course guide for your future reference)

You will take part in practical exercises including:

  • Interview lighting techniques
  • Lighting against windows/ solving common problems
  • Working outside/ documentary styles of lighting
  • Basic camera setup
  • Being creative/ lighting to create mood and ambience

Who is it for?

Self shooting directors and camera operators, producers looking to understand the needs of a crew when booking equipment.
Anyone looking for an introduction to lighting.

Breakdown of Course:

  • Preparing a standard 3 point lighting setup
  • Reflectors/ poly boards and their use
  • Handling and setting up different types of lights including: soft, kinoflows, dedolights, spotlights, HMI fresnal, open face and battery powered lights
  • Selecting the right gels, scrims and diffusers
  • Grip equipment – using it in different practical situations
  • Understanding colour temperature
  • Setting up your camera – getting the right white balance
  • What to ask for when booking equipment/ the places to hire and buy from, negotiating good rates
  • Basic health and safety