Camera – Operating Skills

Course Dates and Fees

Courses run monthly. Contact for dates.


Very much a hands on practical course using the Sony Z1 and Z7in various different programme situations. Working both individually and in groups of two. You will learn to confidently operate one of the most widely used cameras in television broadcasting.

Who is it for?

People with some or no knowledge of operating the Sony Z1/ Z7 camcorder. Those that have been using the Z1/Z7 and wish to formally complete their skills and knowledge.

What Skills will I Learn?

To give you the knowledge and confidence to handle the a camera in a variety of different shooting situations. Learning how to technically setup and operate the camera, shoot and direct inserts and short sequences that will edit together.

The basics of sound recording will be covered, along with the common types of microphone used in the industry today.

Breakdown of Course:

Demonstrations, practical exercises and tasks including: framing, focusing, shutter speeds, exposure, white balancing, shooting for the edit, panning zooming and movement techniques, using tripods, composing different shots while using available light.

Microphones and basic sound recording.