Acting on Screen

Course Dates and Fees

Courses run monthy. Contact for dates.


This two day course provides you with the tools to overcome the technical and emotional demands required when working in television or film.

We guide and mentor you through a variety of on screen exercises, giving you the chance to perform on camera in a number of different roles.

The course is divided up into bite size chunks that give you lots of practice in front of the camera, providing you with knowledge you can take straight onto set with you.

You get instant feedback from our directors and the low number of participents means you get plenty of time to produce your best performances and leave behind your mistakes.


One of the main aims of this course is to give you a first class showreel. One that shows your acting range and full abilities, especially since you may not have had chance to work on many projects yet.

As well as performing traditional monologues to camera you will participate in on screen exercises with other participents in a variety of different scenes designed to test your acting range.

We then light and direct you through you through two days of intense training making sure only the best bits go onto your broadcast quality final showreel.
(We can also cut in existing material you may have already).

Everything is fully edited at the end of the course and presented to you on DVD and in HD web video file formats ready for uploading to Spotlight, or Youtube etc.

Course Description:

Exercises include:

This class teaches you how to overcome the technical and stylistic demands made on actors working in films and television.

What do actors do when they are thrown into the maelstrom of the set? How must performances be adjusted when standing a few feet from the camera and crew instead of a theater audience? How do actors move to precise marks and deliver the same line take after take and make it real each time?

Relaxation methods and scene analysis will be taught as they apply to film and television acting. Scenes from film scripts are analyzed for blocking.

Day 1

We start by showing you samples of material showing good and bad acting habits.

You will then have plenty of chance to practice in front of the camera working through exercises, including your own choice of subject or script you have prepared. (We will work with you before the course starts on this).

Recordings will be reviewed throughout the day so you can become more confident in how you look and get constructive feedback as to how to improve.

Day 2
Building on what you have learnt, this is where you will perform more practical exercises in a live television environment both on your own and while interviewing a guest.

Overall you will become confident and ready for appearing on camera and will shoot your HD show reel throughout the two days.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone with some experience of acting already, and people looking to improve their techniques and confidence when delivering lines and interacting with other actors
  • Anyone looking to improve their on screen techniques or transferring from a theatre background
  • People looking to update or create a great showreel with a wider range of material either to gain work or find an agent

Breakdown of Course:

  • Learn to understand the needs of the director and how to interact with other actors on screen
  • Blocking – understanding the basics and the do’s and don’ts of on screen movement
  • Exercises designed to show your range of performance with instant feedback from our directors
  • Good and bad habits that distinguish good actors from being great ones on screen
  • Learn the difference between acting for film and television
  • HD Show reel of your pieces edited together for your CV