TV Presenting Course – Television Autocue Techniques

Course Dates and Fees

Courses run monthy. Contact for dates.


This two day course concentrates purely on reading from the autocue whilst receiving talkback to really perfect your live presenting skills. Working in front of the camera for two days the experience is entirely practical.

The core idea is to get you working on projects in our studio from the moment you start. This gets you used to the processes and procedures involved in working with the autocue during live television pieces. So you can be ready to start working on professional programmes as soon as you finish the course.

You will also be trained in how to receive direction from the gallery through in ear talkback, learn the art of how to interview guests and how you prepare yourself mentally before filming.


Choose beforehand what subject areas you would like to specialise in and throughout the course you will record a broadcast quality HD show reel for your CV. (Fully edited together and sent to you upon completion.) We can also cut in existing material you have already.

Rebecca Lamb Showreel – Autocue and PTCs from New Leaf Filming Academy on Vimeo.

Course Description

Day 1

We start by showing you samples of material so that you can see how good and bad habits look on camera and the common mistakes that can trip you up when reading from the autocue.

You will then have plenty of chance to practice in front of the camera working through exercises, including your own choice of subject or script you have prepared. (We will work with you before the course starts on this).

Recordings will be reviewed throughout the day so you can become more confident in how you look and get constructive feedback as to how to improve.


Day 2
Building on what you have learnt, this is where you will perform more practical exercises in a live television environment both on your own and while interviewing a guest.

Overall you will become confident and ready for appearing on camera and will shoot your HD show reel throughout the two days. Only taking the best bits 🙂


Who is it for?

  • Anyone with some experience of presenting already, and people looking to improve their techniques and confidence whilst using the autocue and receiving talkback in a live television environment.
  • Anyone looking for to improve their interviewing techniques or programme making experience.
  • People looking to create or update their show reel with a wider range of material.

(This course is not for beginners and we recommend that you may need to go on our Presenting Live Television – Links and Inserts course before attending, but call us for a chat first and we can advise.)


Breakdown of Course:

  • Autocue Techniques with and without talkback
  • Linking in and out of VT
  • Microphone Techniques
  • Carrying our live interviews, getting the best out of your guests
  • Interview techniques and live exercises
  • Presenting live links and pieces to camera
  • Script writing techniques in more detail
  • Learn to understand the needs of the director and crew and learn the procedures involved in creating live television
  • Delivering a good performance on camera
  • Good and bad habits
  • Coping in difficult situations and when things are going wrong
  • HD Show reel of your pieces edited together for your CV

James Daniel Wilson – Showreel by New Leaf Academy from New Leaf Filming Academy on Vimeo.